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NZ - Manawatu-Wanganui | DE - Bavaria

After a long, long way and time, another real world postcard was in my mailbox yesterday. It came all the way from New Zealand and guess what it included?
To learn more about the artist behind snapper | creations, you may want to visit her profile at Happier Place under the following link:

Maire Thompson (Photographer in Ashhurst, New Zealand).

For even more please visit her profile on Facebook or on Google+.

She's got some impressive photographic work on display there and if interested you should visit her website.

My favorite section is thePostcard Gallery.

And there was another surprise in the letter I received:
Maire is such an impressive and creative artist! #SheInspiresMe

The pair of #LinkingPostcards was created with one of my Christmas Cards, I specially created for sending out real Cards for Christmas, too.
What she posted, when she received the card, is another outstanding artwork.
The stamp I sent her was from my #HappierPlace that is the Bavarian lake Chiemsee.

US - Route 66 Arizona | DE - Bavaria

The most beautiful surprise was receiving a handwritten Christmas Card from Angel and Vilma Delgadillo and their daughter Clarissa. Thank you so much. It really means a lot to me, especially the handwritten message of your father.

The very first person I met and talked to on the Mother Road was the Angel of Route 66, the person who made all this possible, the one who started the initiative of Historic Route 66 - Angel Delgadillo.
I was so excited to meet him. I knew Angel from a documentary about Route 66 that was broadcast on German TV, but at that time my knowledge about the Mother Road was very poor. What I knew was, that without him, Route 66 would not exist anymore.

I felt so honored to meet your father on my first road trip along Route 66, the Angel and Father of Historic Route 66. And just seeing him in front of me, made me forget everything.

Two years later, we stopped again in Seligman, but did not meet him.
The same happened last year when we did the complete Route 66 from …

#Route66Travelers Special on #LinkingPostcards

We met all the people shown in the above collage along our journey between Chicago and Santa Monica. Quite a few of them we met at the Springfield Route 66 Festival in Missouri, others in their businesses or somewhere along the road. Some of them we knew from previous journeys but many of them, we knew only from our common digital world, whom we finally met in person on the Road. We met artists, authors, business owners, enthusiasts and we had a great time with every single of them.

Friends you make on Route 66 will always be "friends for life" - as Gary Turner from the Gay Parita Sinclair Station on Route 66 in Missouri used to say. May he rest in peace. So sad he died before we could meet him in person.

When we arrived at the End of the Trail at Santa Monica Pier, the RoadBook that was signed by the people we met, showed over 45 new entries. Wonderful memories of this unforgettable RoadTrip 2017 which we wanted to share with all of them.

A reason for me to create Christma…

Review 2017

A few statistical figures
Started on March 1, 2017 .

We created 8 #LinkingPostcardsPairs, we connected 4 continents (Europe, NorthAmerica, Asia, Australia and Oceania) and 7 countries (Germany, USA, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria and India) so far. Please see the #LinkingPostcardsMap

I sent out 20 cards from the #LinkingPostcardscollection, but only 8 pairs were created (12 cards without pairs, so far). I got a very lovely parcel from India and it seems that the parcel (actually a large lined envelope) I sent in return never reached its destination.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND any PARCELin the future anymore
The #LinkingPostcards project is about sending printed picture postcards the old fashioned way. I will not send any parcel in return anymore. Will also send to Guru Dutt a #LinkingPostcards CARD to complete this #LinkingPostcardsPair. I'm really sorry Guru Dutt, but it seems you'll have to take it now as it is. I will give it another try in summer and hopefully get a…

Happy New Year - Alles Gute im neuen Jahr!