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Thank you so much Leo Deegan, that was really a big surprise, that moved me to tears. It is the most wonderful thing that happened with #LinkingPostcards and I'm sure quite sure, no one will be able to excel this. Now let me present you the #LinkingPostcard Luca, that 5 year old Luca Deegan has created for me.
SuperLuca on the left is shooting electricity to a bad guy.
 (I need your help Leo with the word in your letter)
Just little things like this - not being able to find out what one word means -
makes a letter even more personal.
Like many children of his age. "Luca is really into superheroes, so much so that he made up his own SuperLuca, his daddy told me in his handwritten letter.

Flying into the sunset ... one of my favorite pictures taken on the island of Madeira (Portugal).
While my partner and I were watching the sunset, I saw this plane just taking off and heading for the sunset, all over the Atlantic Ocean. Now the card took the same way heading west and flying all the way through the West Coast of California, where I'm going to be this summer, by the end of August and I really hope to meet the little artist, the youngest participant at the #LinkingPostcards initiative and his little sister Emma of course their parents, too.

Now to the stamp - the photo was taken in the City Park of my hometown shortly after sunrise, while the bright rays fell onto the green moss, making it shine and giving the stairs very special leading lines.


Leo said…
I'm so glad the postcard arrived to you okay, Geri Linda! The word is "electricity", sorry you had to read my poor penmanship :)