Back to #LinkingPostcards with a Route 66 Travelers Special

The beginning of our RoadTrip 2017 was in Chicago at this wonderful place in Grant Park
- the Buckingham Fountain - 
I started with a German version of our journey, so if anyone of you speaks German, you may follow my German travel blog - Zwei Waldkraiburger on Tour. For non German speaking people I also have an English travel blog - TimeTraveler 911 ... But the travel stories in English will follow at some point later.

Why I mention the travel blogs at this point?

There's going to be a Route 66 special with #LinkingPostcards. I met so many wonderful people along the road, and I would love to include them into the  #LinkingPostcards project and pin them on the #LinkingPostcardsMap with a special Route 66 Travelers icon, as shown on the left hand side.

I'm starting soon with the stories about all the wonderful places and people we met along the Mother Road. They are going to be in German first and then later in English language, too. But I'm sure with Google Translate you will get the general meaning.

Let's hope all the wonderful people I met along the road are going to send me one of their photos as a postcard or printout of the same size, so I can include them all in this blog and on the map, share them with the collection, giving them world wide visibility. They are going to be shared on a special #LinkingPostcardsBoard on Pinterest. This way authors, artists and businesses on Route 66 are going to be promoted on different Social Media Platforms with thousands of followers.

My profile on Google+ has almost 15,000 followers, the collection Connecting the World with #LinkingPostcards more than 16,000, the Route 66 Travelers Community has about 725 members ...
and of course the #LinkingPostcards are going to be shared on my Route 66 Travelers group on Facebook with over over 2,222 members.

You'll never get that easy such a widespread reach, as my followers or community members come from all over the world. All you have to do is send me a postcard or printout of the size of a postcard showing one of your own photos.

Details in the blog articles below:

Looking forward to connecting many people - in this special case, many Route 66 Travelers - from all over the world.