Review 2017

A few statistical figures
Route 66 Special added to #LinkingPostcards
They all can be included - they just have to send a card in return to my card.

Started on March 1, 2017 .

We created 8 #LinkingPostcardsPairs, we connected 4 continents (Europe, NorthAmerica, Asia, Australia and Oceania) and 7 countries (Germany, USA, New Zealand, Czech Republic, Romania, Austria and India) so far. Please see the #LinkingPostcardsMap

I sent out 20 cards from the #LinkingPostcards collection, but only 8 pairs were created (12 cards without pairs, so far). I got a very lovely parcel from India and it seems that the parcel (actually a large lined envelope) I sent in return never reached its destination.

PLEASE DO NOT SEND any PARCEL in the future anymore

The #LinkingPostcards project is about sending printed picture postcards the old fashioned way. I will not send any parcel in return anymore. Will also send to Guru Dutt a #LinkingPostcards CARD to complete this #LinkingPostcardsPair. I'm really sorry Guru Dutt, but it seems you'll have to take it now as it is. I will give it another try in summer and hopefully get another holy cross for you, as the first one was.

For the holiday season I created a #ChristmasCard with all the wonderful people we met on our Road Trip 2017 and sent out about 30 of them as #LinkingPostcards ...

Now I'll have to wait and see if any new pairs are going to be created in 2018.

Will continue to send out some more, as soon as I have completed all the reviews for 2017.

You may continue to send me your #LinkingPostcards ...
I promise to send one of mine in return.