#LinkingPostcards waiting to find their soulmate

Kloster Seeon, Chiemgau, Bavaria
Was already sent to Albergo Pradat in Corvara, Alta Badia in South Tyrol on April 1, 2017.
No answer so far, not even a private note or mail ... feeling sad for this, as this is one of our  favorite hotels in South Tyrol.

Sunset in the Bavarian Alps in the Berchtesgadener Land
Sent to another favorite in South Tyrol, to the Hotel Ladurner in Meran, Italy on April 24.
No answer, so far. We're going to spend a week in November in this hotel again. Will ask the owners about the card sent. Then we'll see what happens.

City Walk in Corvara, Alta Badia, South Tyrol, Italy
This card started its journey on April 28 and was sent half the globe to Montreal in Canada, to one of my Facebook friends. I was actually expecting at least a short note on FB or via email, that she's received the card, but no answer after 2 months of waiting.

TimanFaya National Park on the Island of Lanzarote, Spain
This card had actually only a few hundred kilometers to Ravensburg near Bodensee in Baden Württemberg to another cousin of mine, of whom I was pretty sure he would participate. He's also taking great photos during his vacations, so I thought at least a printout of one of his beautiful images will make it to Waldkraiburg. But not even a - received card message - via email or a private message on a social media platform we are connected.

Little Town of Oatman on Historic Route 66 in Arizona, USA
She's one of the biggest Route 66 fans of all times. I met her last December, when we were visiting our son in Pasadena and was pretty sure, she would participate, being on the Mother Road - if you follow her on Facebook you get the intention that there's not a single day, when she isn't on Route 66.

Although she moved from California to Illinois, and I used her new mail address, I didn't get any answer from her so far. Would also have expected at least a short received card message.

Hackberry General Store on Historic Route 66 in Arizona (between Kingman and Oatman)
This is one of my favorites from Route 66 and I sent it to a very special couple in Brittany (France). Last July we met Silvie and Freddy during the first European Route 66 Festival in Ofterdingen. As luck would have it, we already had booked our holiday homes for that trip in 3 different places of Brittany, the last of which was very close to their home in Morbihan. Both are very vivid Route 66 fans and almost every year they spend some time on the Mother Road. Silvie is also creating picture books from their travels, I thought she might print out at least one of the motives she shot on the Mother road and send it back to create another link on the #LinkingPostcardsMap. But no sign from her so far.

VW Bus at the Surf Turf at Munich Airport, Terminal II
Probably every Route 66 fan will be reminded of Bob Waldmire, an artist on Route 66, who's left hundreds of pieces of artwork along the Route and even owned the Hackberry Store for a while. When he got sick, he sold the Store and went back to Illinois, where he died of cancer back in December 2009. He used to drive such a bus driving up and down the Mother Road, until he rebuilt an old School Bus, that he used not only for traveling, but also as his home.

Although this image is not from Route 66 it surely reminds me and brings it in connection to another very nice and friendly couple, we also met on the European Route 66 Festival in Ofterdingen - Sylvia and Berhard Höhn. There's another story behind this card and Sylvia promised me one of her own printouts in return, by the time they get back from their huge tour (5 weeks) from the US.

They actually got home over the weekend ... I think, so I'll wait for the rest of the story until I get their card.

These are the cards so far, which are still waiting for their missing link.

Within the next couple of days, I'll get back to you with something very different from everything that I received so far. Already mentioned it in my #LinkingPostcards Collection on Google+, but I think it deserves a very special posting in this blog.

All postings about missing links can be found by using the Label #NotYetLinkedPostcards