Summer Break for me

Going on a long trip across the USA
The planning of the road trip is almost completed and the day we start our journey is getting closer with every day that passes. We had to change our complete route back - some road closures, fire hazards in some areas along the road, and the chosen route is too long for two weeks. The output of the route length was in Miles and I was calculating with kilometers ... thus we have to shorten our itinerary and will have to leave some areas for another trip. Which also means, we're going to get back ...

I might not be able to respond on a regular basis, and not follow many of the activities online, but will take you with us on our 4 weeks journey. First two weeks along the Mother Road in my collection  USA - Route 66 ... and the next two weeks from Los Angeles to Chicago on another route, which will still have to be done in my collection USA - der S├╝dwesten ... some background info on the trip you may find in my travel blog Zwei Waldkraiburger on Tour. While I  keep the short descriptions in the collections in German and English, the blog is going to be in German only. But I'm sure there will be no problem getting the general meaning with an online translation.

The #LinkingPostcards Initiative is just stopped from my side for a few weeks, insofar that I won't be able to publish anything until we get back from our journey. You, however, can continue sending me your postcards and I will get back to you as soon as I get back from my trip. 

A very special SORRY to Guru Dutt from whom I received a most wonderful package, that came all the way from India to Waldkraiburg. I have something very special for you, but did not find the time to write some details that will have to be, just for you to understand the meaning. I hope it's worth the waiting for you. I did not find time to publish what you sent me, as also this needs a little more attention than a simple postcard, because what you sent me, is just as special and really needs more than a few minutes to be posted.