NZ - Manawatu-Wanganui | DE - Bavaria

After a long, long way and time, another real world postcard was in my mailbox yesterday. It came all the way from New Zealand and guess what it included?
... a wonderful piece of art from snapper | creations
To learn more about the artist behind snapper | creations, you may want to visit her profile at Happier Place under the following link:

Maire Thompson (Photographer in Ashhurst, New Zealand).

For even more please visit her profile on Facebook or on Google+.

She's got some impressive photographic work on display there and if interested you should visit her website.

My favorite section is the Postcard Gallery.

And there was another surprise in the letter I received:
my absolute favorite card from her  postcard gallery
Maire is such an impressive and creative artist! #SheInspiresMe

The pair of #LinkingPostcards was created with one of my Christmas Cards, I specially created for sending out real Cards for Christmas, too.
What she posted, when she received the card, is another outstanding artwork.
... and Maire created another artwork from my Christmas Card
The stamp I sent her was from my #HappierPlace that is the Bavarian lake Chiemsee.
Sunset from the Sundowner Bar at Feldwies