#Route66Travelers Special on #LinkingPostcards

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We met all the people shown in the above collage along our journey between Chicago and Santa Monica. Quite a few of them we met at the Springfield Route 66 Festival in Missouri, others in their businesses or somewhere along the road. Some of them we knew from previous journeys but many of them, we knew only from our common digital world, whom we finally met in person on the Road. We met artists, authors, business owners, enthusiasts and we had a great time with every single of them.

Friends you make on Route 66 will always be "friends for life" - as Gary Turner from the Gay Parita Sinclair Station on Route 66 in Missouri used to say. May he rest in peace. So sad he died before we could meet him in person.

When we arrived at the End of the Trail at Santa Monica Pier, the RoadBook that was signed by the people we met, showed over 45 new entries. Wonderful memories of this unforgettable RoadTrip 2017 which we wanted to share with all of them.

A reason for me to create ChristmasCards from the above photo and sent a handwritten card to all from whom I had a snail mail address (most of them) in a special TimeTraveler911 envelope and a unique stamp (one of a kind) with a short note to the #LinkingPostcards project.

Because Route 66 is very special to me, I wanted to include them all into a #Route66Special on #LinkingPostcards ... but only one pair was actually created.

Nonetheless I will add a #Route66Travelers pin to every location one of the cards was sent to.

Maybe one day, the recipients will answer with a personal, handwritten card, for the pairs to be completed. I'm not giving up so easily.