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Yet another link on our global chain of #LinkingPostcards completed. It connects Bavaria with North-Rhein-Westphalia  - the South of Germany with the North.

This card comes from Susanne Stelle and was sent from Krefeld in Northern Germany.
Susanne "always looks on the bright side of life" and she was also one of those people to immediately say yes, when learning about the postcard exchange in real life.
The card I received from Susanne was shot on the Island of Mallorca.
For having to wait so long for my answer, Susanne received two cards from me.
She is the first one to receive a postcard from me in my own country, but I had only stamps for outside Germany. Also something went wrong with my first order and I didn't get any sent.
Placing another order, everything worked perfectly, but Susanne had to wait for so long, so she got two cards, one for the #LinkingPostcards initiative and the other one for the waiting.

I thought she might like one of my shots from the third highest volcano located on the Island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands.

The second one is actually history. It was shot in Death Valley back in 2010. It shows one of the Twenty Mule Team Wagons that was on display next to the entrance of the Furnace Creek Campground. We came back in December 2016 and were looking for it, but it was gone.

The stamp shows the place behind the Hity Hall of Waldkraiburg. Soon this also could be history, as the new City Council intend to build a new City Hall at a different location and ... I have no idea what they plan to do with this building. Restoring the old one would be more expensive than building a new one.


Unknown said…
So cool ! Hope this goes further and further and ......
Yes, me too. There are many more #LinkingPostcards on their way or not yet a pair, but I hope to get answer from all the people I've sent so far.

Anyone who sends me a #LinkingPostcard will receive one in return, that I promise.