Changes made to the #LinkingPostcardsMap

Initially I wanted one pair of #LinkingPostcards shown in one layer, but recently I found out that the number of layers you can use within a map is limited to 10. Never used more than about 4 - 5 layers before, just when I started to plan my next USA trip

Now I created a layer called "Headquarter" - that is the city I live in and wherefrom the #LinkingPostcards started and will spread hopefully all over the world. As it symbolizes the home of #LinkingPostcards, the icon used to show on the map is going to be the HOME (house) icon.

For every continent I'm going to create a new layer, and within the layer all the countries, counties and locations I get a card from. The continents will not be displayed in alphabetical order, but in the order I received the first card from that continent. The locations where the cards come from, are marked with a camera-icon on the map. There is going to be a different color for every continent.

As my very first #LinkingPostcards received came from the United States, North America is displayed on the top of the layers. The second came from New Zealand, thus putting Australia & Oceania just beneath the North American layer. Europe on place 3 ...

The remaining continents will be added as soon as I get my first card from that continent.

Looking forward to receiving many more cards. About 20 of my cards have been already sent out.
Will have to order my second batch of stamps for worldwide mailing.
Fitting the season the next batch of #LinkingStamps are going to be images of Bavaria in spring time, shot recently.

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