RO - Sântana, Arad | DE - Bavaria

This link is a very special link for me in more than one regard. It is the first link that was created with a person outside of Google+ and this person is my cousin Inge Covaciu. She lives in the city called Sântana near Arad in the country I was born and grew up - Romania.

Beautiful Romania ...
She has many good photos and could not decide which ones to send, so I got a total of 5, 3 of which I would like to present you here.

When I went to school in the neighboring town of Arad, I used to commute by train, that was driven by such a steam engine, as shown on the left picture. Wonderful memories from my teenage years.

The colorful trees can be found in a small village in the Western Carpathian Mountains called Bucium. There are some interesting basaltic rocks in the area, that break from their places and slide down from time to time, but it's also a wonderful place for hiking.

The flowers and herbs in the lower right corner photo are in her own garden.

Beautiful Bavaria
On the picture there is a little lake in the Bavarian Alps in the county of Berchtesgadener Land on a sunny and colorful fall afternoon.

The stamp on the envelope shows one of the spectacular sunrises that I can see directly from my kitchen-balcony.

Thank you so much dear cousin for supporting me in my initiative.