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 to view all the #LinkingPostcards in Google MyMaps ~

On the map you may find only the complete pairs of #LinkingPostcards.
As soon as both cards reached their destination they will be added to the map.
You may want to come back from time to time to see if anything changed,
or you can follow the blog by email. You'll get an email every time a new
blog post is created and a new link added to the map. 

When viewed larger and once you enlarge the European part on the map
you'll see a blue house. That's the place all started.

The postcards I received from all over are pictured with photo cameras
in different colors. Every continent is shown in another color:

Europe = green
North America = red
New Zealand and Oceania = brown
Asia and South East Asia = yellow
Africa = black
South America = orange
Antarctica = gray

SPECIAL category for all the Route 66 Travelers
marked with the following icon