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#LinkingPostcards is an initiative to exchange own photographic creations on printed postcards with other people who enjoy getting and sending postcards and letters the old fashioned way, and those who never ever have sent a handwritten postcard or letter before. A real postman - not a software - should drop my card into your real life mailbox and vice versa - not into a digital mailbox online.

#LinkingPostcards was officially started on March 1, 2017.

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All my cards available to be sent out to you, can be found in the following Google+ Collection  Connecting the World with #LinkingPostcards 

The cards I already sent are marked as "out of stock". There's a total of about 100 #LinkingPostcards in my first batch. Let's hope it's not going to be the only batch of postcards I will send this old fashioned way.

#LinkingPostcards should bring some spirit and warmth into our digital world, and we might not forget the personal touch completely.

my first 20 unique stamps 

I will not write anything on my postcards, but send you a short explanatory letter, telling you the name of the location on the photo and a few explanatory words about the subject.

With the #LinkingPostcards initiative I also introduced my own stamp collections. The first batch of 20 stamps show locations in my hometown Waldkraiburg. You will also get location details about the image on the stamp.

By receiving a blank postcard, you may decide whether the card reached its final destination or if you would like to send it to any of your friends. Just do it the old fashioned way.

Do not hand it over personally. Do send it by regular mail and have a postman drop it into a real life mailbox.

If you want to participate and become one link on this #LinkingPostcardsChain please send a postcard of your own photographic work (it can also be just a print of one of your images of the size of a postcard) to the address at the end of this article.

I promise to send everyone a card back together with one of my unique stamps and a handwritten letter.

Everyone is invited to participate. 

Looking forward to getting many, many postcards from all over the world with a few handwritten lines telling me a little bit about the location.

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