All beginnings are difficult ...

#LinkingPostcards waiting for you
It all began with my very first exhibition in the real world which was at the first "European Route 66 Festival" and a whole bunch of postcards, which I forgot at home.

I created about 100 different picture postcards with my favorite images to use them as giveaways for visitors, either instead of business cards or in addition to them. Every single card got a small label with some contact details. When I started to put on display my exhibits I realized, that I do not have my picture postcards with me. So all these postcards would rest on a chest of drawers at home, where they were just dust catchers until ...

... one day all of a sudden everything changed. Luci Westphal from Colorado and Maire Thompson  from New Zealand have sent each other personal postcards with regular mail and they posted it on Google+. At that very moment I knew what to do with my postcards, not in detail yet, but the idea of exchanging postcards the old fashioned way with other people was born.

I remembered again how excited I was as a teenager when I received a letter or postcard from a friend, when I tried to decipher the handwriting, and then putting it some place and getting back to it weeks or months, even years later, just to read them again and dream away to the place the postcard was sent from.
It is this personal touch that I'm missing a lot in our digital world, and I realized, I'm not alone.
That very first thought when seeing Luci's and Maire's posting about the exchanged postcards the old fashioned way, became reality and #LinkingPostcards was born.

I created the collection "Connecting the World with #LinkingPostcards" where all the postcards available to be sent, can be seen.

As official start date for #LinkingPostcards : March 1, 2017.