#LinkingPostcards waiting for their missing link

The first cards coming from an European country: Slovakia
Michal Vörös
Thank you Michal. Your card put that huge smile you sent me on my face.
I love your dreamscapes a lot and will keep them in safe place. As soon as you receive mine, it's already on its way to you, please send me a picture of the card and stamp as the others did, so I can create the connection in a blog article and on the #LinkingPostcardsMap.

The first card that did not cross the German border to reach me, but it was shot on the Island of Mallorca.
Susanne Stelle
Dear Susanne, I'm afraid you will have to wait a few more days before I can send you one of my cards. When I ordered my special stamps, did not consider I might send any cards to someone in Germany, but I would like to send all my cards with this special kind of unique stamps. I hope it's going to be worth waiting.
The first card that was sent to a Non-Google+-Member in Romania
Inge Covaciu
The addressee of this card is a cousin of mine living in Romania. Like many others, she takes many good photographs, but never sent any of her pictures on a postcard or printed them out, but she promised to do so for this action of #LinkingPostcards becoming a link on this chain. It will be a first for her and I'm really looking to see one of her cards.

This card was sent to Sophie Bonnet in California, USA
Thank you Sophie for your really moving words on this #LinkingPostcards letter I sent you. I simply have to link you publicly posted answer to this blog. You described the feeling of receiving such a postcard in a mostly wonderful way. Thank you and looking forward to seeing your card in return to create another link on this hopefully never ending #LinkingsPostcardsChain.

Also this card reached its destination
Margaret Tompkins
I'm so sorry Margaret for having misspelled your name. You'll get another card with the correct name on the envelope soon. I just had a look into the address book I created ON PAPER just for this action and saw your name completely wrong written. I hope you will accept my apology. 

I sent out a few more cards, also to non Google+ members, but did not receive any answer so far. Regular mail is not as digital mail is, but it comes with a personal touch.

As soon as the above cards found their mate for the #LinkingPostcardsChain a new link will be created and published in the blog and linked on the map.


Another link on the global chain of #LinkingPostcards completed. My cousin Inge has sent me her cards, yes more than one, today.