SK - Bratislava | DE - Bavaria

Link number 3 on the global chain of #LinkingPostcards completed. This link connects Slovakia with Germany, Bratislava with Waldkraiburg in Bavaria.

These dreamlike photos come almost from the neighborhood,
if compared with the first two links
Michal Vörös, the author of these marvelous postcards caught my eyes with such blurred, mostly minimalist images, like out of a dream. I'm so happy he's among those, who immediately said - I want to participate.

The card Michal received from me is the Icarus I found on the island of Tenerife.
Dreams are my reality, Michal says in his profile description and live, love laugh ... 

That's one of the reasons I selected Icarus the dreamer, which fits his description so well, but even more the inscription on the wall "FINCA PURA VIDA" which means PURE LIFE ESTATE (property) ... Watching his lovely Donna you can feel this pure life emerging out of his photos. 

The stamp is a detail from a calender (a machine in which cloth or paper is pressed by rollers to glaze or smooth it) which used to be in one of factories in my hometown, a historic display on a public place. History is not completely dead, as a plant - a dandelion - grows out of the dirt that accumulated over the years.