NZ - Manawatu | DE - Bavaria

The second link on this hopefully endless chain of #LinkingPostcards was created between Germany and New Zealand. That's over one day away by airplane. This time the card came in an envelope with handwritten letter. I can't even remember when I got my last handwritten letter. Even if I received a letter by regular mail from friends the content was computer printed. Only the envelope was handwritten.

Came from DownUnder all the way to Bavaria

Together with Luci Westphal from Colorado, Maire Thompson was my inspiration for starting the chain of #LinkingPostcards. It was wonderful reading about the place you live, seems to be a wonderful place, and thank you for inspiring me to start this chain of #LinkingPostcards.

Burghausen the longest castle in Europe went all the long way to New Zealand
Last Sunday, however, I read on a plate giving information on the castle for tourists, that it's the longest castle in the world. Whether the longest in Europe or in the world or none of these, Burghausen is one of the places I like to go from time to time (it's only about 30 min. drive from home) to stroll around, take many photos or just sit on a bench and just relax.

The stamp shows what I see, when I live work. It's called Föhrenwinkel, and a neighborhood of my hometown Waldkraiburg.