The Missing Link

The idea of exchanging own creations on postcards or printed photographs didn't stop with the collection. I wanted to have an overview, where all my cards were sent to, and where from I got a card back. But this is impossible to be realized with Google+ Collections.

I want to see all the locations were my cards have been sent to on a map, and by the end of the year I'm going to check how many continents, countries, locations and people we connect with #LinkingPostcards.

Missing Link between sender, recipient and #LinkingPostcards Map

If you receive one of my cards, please take a photo of the card and the stamp. You may either post it publicly or send me the photo in a private message (if you do not want your name to be published). If publicly posted, please do not forget to share it with me, too. I might not see or omit it because of too many new postings in my stream. The photo is meant to be included in this blog and added to the appropriate location on the #LinkingPostcards Map.

As soon as I get your card in return one pair of #LinkingPostcards is complete and a new post, establishing the contact between the two cards, will be created in the blog and also a new layer added to the LinkingPostcardsMap (created with GoogleMyMaps) showing both locations the card was sent from and where it traveled to, plus where the shot was taken, if not equivalent with the sender's or addressee's location. So there might be up to 4 locations for 2 #LinkingPostcards. On the map however only the "traveling" (sent from to) locations of the #LinkingPostcards are shown. The shooting locations will appear only in the description line.

The blog post will include: pictures of both cards after they reached their destination, an embedded small map, showing the two locations, where the card was sent from and where it was sent to.

On every post you will also find a link to the collection with all the cards I have sent or still have available to be sent. If there is a public post about the receipt of the card, I will link to it and link to the Google+ Profile of the card's sender.

If you don't want me to add any link, you should send me a private message about that. No need to tell a reason why. I will honor your decision and post only the location the card came from and the name of the country.

Anything that I forgot? If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comment line of this article.

I would love you to leave comments at least at the article containing your postcard. You may also share the blog article to your stream and invite more friends to participate.

Every pair of cards - the card I sent out and the one I received in return - represents one link of the global chain of #LinkingPostcards.

The more participate, the longer the chain will get and the sooner we might reach the goal of

Connecting the World with #LinkingPostcards 

the old fashioned way, thus creating a non-digital network.